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The TRAPPER ARNE Productive Crayfish Traps


Buy any of these outstanding and productive crayfish traps and they will keep you in crayfish for years to come.

These productive traps have been proven successful in thousands of lakes and rivers in the USA, England, Canada, Finland and also in Israel and, of course, in Sweden. You will be happy with all the crayfish they catch and you'll be proud to own any of these outstanding traps.


With Escape Safe Funnel

The TRAPPy XL crayfish trap

A Great Crayfish Catcher
A popular member of the TRAPPY family

The TRAPPY XL - EXTRA LARGE - just perfect for lakes and rivers with big crayfish populations. Made in the country where crayfish are revered as a national treasure.
Made from tough, flexible and eco-friendly polypropylene
with an entry funnel at each end.
SIZE: Length 20", width 11 1/4" at large end; 7.0" at small end. Largest mesh size is 1/2 x 1 3/4". (Best suited for catching large crayfish.)
A metal bar down the bottom adds strength and weight making the trap always land same side up. This light weight trap weighs just under 2 lbs.
INCLUDED: Plastic bait box and outside quick-hook for attaching a string or trot line. The large funnel opening is yellow, for optimum night time catching; the opposite opening is black for daytime optimum catch.
To empty catch or to add bait, large funnel swivels open. To read mor about the Trappy XL, go to Trappy.com

For more pictures of the TRAPPY XL Crayfish trap, click here

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With Escape Safe Funnel
Also available with optional enhanced escape stopper.

The JUMBO crayfish trap

A modern crayfish trap made in Arizona

The JUMBO crayfish trap is made by Trapper Arne in the Arizona mountains. Its design is typically Swedish, but many of its features are US designed. Lightweight, flexible and constructed from ecologically friendly vinyl covered hardware cloth, its size is: Length 24", width 11.0" with 1/2" mesh. Will catch and hold both small and large crayfish. Trap comes with a polypropylene entry funnel in each end, and is crayfish escape resistant. The middle of the trap has a crossbar and a metal clip to fasten bait. A bait box is also included. To empty its catch, the trap has a hinged side door.

For more pictures of the JUMBO Crayfish trap, click here

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The Jackpot crayfish trap

The traditional Swedish crayfish trap

This is the old proven Swedish crayfish trap that still is very popular as it is highly productive. Collapsible, with netting over a coiled spring, makes it extremely convenient to transport. Can even be baited while collapsed. Center metal bar with clip for bait. One end opens for convenient baiting and catch removal. Practically indestructable. The ideal collapsed trap for back packers. Trap sizes: Length 16", width 9.5".

For more pictures of the JACKPOT Crayfish trap, click here

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With Escape Stopper

The TRAPPy crayfish trap

The NEW and BETTER crayfish trap

The TRAPPY comes from the country where they know how to catch crayfish, Sweden. Not only is it productive, but it is also a marvel of clever design. It can be collapsed flat in seconds, easy to bait and to empty of its catch. Construction is tough, flexible and eco-friendly polypropylene with a funnel at each end. Its size is: Length 20", width 8.0", mesh size 3/4".(Best suited for catching large crayfish.) A metal bar down the bottom adds strength and weight to the otherwise light weight trap. Included is a bait box and an outside clip to attach a string.

To read more about the Trappy crayfish trap, go to Trappy.com

For more pictures of the TRAPPY Crayfish trap, click here

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crayfish bait

Purina crayfish bait

Each year thousands of tons of manufactured crawfish bait goes into crayfish traps in Texas and Louisiana during the crayfish season.
Now users of Trapper Arne crayfish traps can make use of this convenient bait when waters have warmed up. This manufactured bait, contrary to natural baits, is dry and conveniently easy to handle when water temperatures are above 70F.
Trapper Arne offers a Purina manufactured bait in two weight sizes in a plastic bag.

The picture above shows the two bags of bait, one 1 lb, the other 2 lbs.

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Some Thoughts About Crayfish Traps

You don't need a trap to catch crayfish. Most kids know that. A string, a pole and a bit of bait is all you need and a kid, or a grown-up for that matter, will be happy for hours. But if you really want to catch enough to invite your friends to a crayfish boil, you need a trap, or better still, several traps. When I venture out to replenish my own supply of crayfish, to be cooked and frozen for winter enjoyment, I usually bring at least ten traps. Even if I stay at the lake only for a day and a night, I can put out and harvest those traps at least three times. Consequently, I can count on as many as 500 crayfish as a total catch. Of those, of course, some are not keepers, but I usually bring home enough to make a mess in my wife's kitchen.

Crayfish traps come in many shapes and forms. Take a look at some of these pictures and you will see that human invention has expressed itself in many ways over the years. My own first crayfish trap consisted of a metal fish basket where I put some bait on the spring loaded lid. It caught enough crayfish for me to start a hobby that would last a lifetime.

Crayfish traps can be placed in a lake individually or strung together with a so called ground line also referred to as trot line. Most of my crayfishing has been done with traps each having a ten foot string and a wooden float. Depending on how many traps you have and the size and equipment of your boat, you may prefer to use ground lines. All traps we sell can be equipped either way.

Click here to go to the page about TROT LINES/GROUND LINES


Crayfish traps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. As the history of crayfish catching is long, so is the number of traps. Unfortunately, if you choose a trap that is square shaped, you are asking for trouble when retrieving it from a lake, especially when pulling it from the shore. Square traps tend to get caught on rocks and junk on the bottom. I speak from experience! If you must fish from the shore, try to find a pier jutting out from the shore. There you can easily lower and pull up the trap with little problems. Except for regulations saying "No Fishing From Pier"... A square trap

Picture of square traps, similar to one of my first attempts
at building crayfish traps

When I started catching crayfish by using traps, I did not have a boat. So I had to throw out the traps from the shore (hoping that the depth of the lake right there was not greater than the length of the float string.) Often this worked fine, especially as most crayfish activity is close to shore during summer nights. But on occasion, pulling the trap in, it got caught on rocks and twigs. Then I had to borrow a boat to try to retrieve the trap. In a few cases, the trap was lost forever, and I learned an important lesson.

I soon learned that acquiring a small row boat was helpful for successful crayfish catching. Now my family went fishing each summer for both trout, bass and crayfish. To my delight I found that many Arizona lakes had large populations of crayfish.

Old crayfish traps

At first my imagination ran wild trying to build some productive crayfish traps. Look at my old collection of both open traps, (left front) and some traditional homemade round traps (top left and center). Then, right, my first trap made from a mesh fish basket with a wooden lath holding it open for the hungry critters.

But soon I switched to the the traditional Swedish collapsible traps that I imported from the old country. Needless to say, they were all very productive and I pulled in at least 1000 crayfish each time our family went camping in the Arizona mountains. collapsible Swedish spiral netted trap
My son Peter demonstrating a JACKPOT trap full of crayfish. I still laugh when I look at the picture of my son barely able to hold up a Jackpot trap exceptionally filled with over 50 sizeable crayfish.

craytip logo
Crayfish traps with a flat bottom may land lopsided in the lake so that the crayfish have trouble finding the entry. Result - poor catch. Round traps have a better chance of presenting an entry for the crayfish. Result - bigger catch. Round traps don't snag as easily on the rocks as boxy ones do.


The longnosed witch

An old Swedish fairy tale includes the nose of the old witch Pomperipossa. She had such a long nose that when poking around in the water with it, she caught by accident, a large crayfish. She let out a scream so loud that it could be heard all the way down to Africa. Like most Swedish children, I got a kick out of that story. But it also taught me to be careful when handling those sharp crayfish pincers. I find it hard to believe that some people catch crayfish with their bare hands. They must have tough skins...

Here is a really old trap, but it started the trend to beehive-looking traps, popular for a while in Sweden. As they were not very productive, they soon disappeared when the round traps appeared with an opening at each end.

Old crayfish trap

The historic crayfish trap on the left certainly has seen its better days. But the other open trap looks just like some I once used to make.

Open crayfish trap

The open crayfish trap is very productive, but you have to keep an eye on it. As soon as the crayfish have eaten their fill, they will of course leave the trap.

The old beehive trap

The first crayfish traps I saw were of the beehive type. A friend of mine brought one to my crayfish camp in the Arizona mountains and within a day it became clear that my tubular, two-funneled traps were much more productive than the beehive type.

"Trapper Arne has a better crayfish trap, and now the world's crayfish lovers are beating a path to his door"

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